Deirdra H

Deirdra Hazeley

About Me


My Background

I started painting and drawing at six years old in Brooklyn, NY.  I have loved to create all my life and eventually I studied art and design at Cornell University, Florida International University and Columbia University.  I was a resident artist at the Art Students League Residency at Vytlacil, the Vermont Studio Center and Torpedo Factory Art Center.  I was thrilled to be a participant artist in the Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition Iggy Pop Life Class: A Project by Jeremy Deller, which traveled to the Royal Academy of Arts in London, UK.  My paintings and drawings have been shown in spaces such as Brooklyn College, ARTs East New York and the Time Warner Center.



I paint and draw in traditional mediums such as pencil, charcoal, watercolor and oil.  I like using accessible materials that can easily travel with me wherever I go.


My Inspiration

Through portraiture I have investigated how people display themselves to the world, and in turn, how others receive their presentation.  At first I didn't intend to create drawings and paintings relating to subjective identity, but as my portfolio developed I began to notice this pattern. 

My work tends to focus on the physical body, not just the composition of faces and limbs, but on the conclusions people make based on others’ facial expressions, attractiveness, carriage and dress.  I capture the inner and outer beauty of those I draw with quiet dignity. Understanding that beauty is culturally subjective, I emphasize features that stand out to me in hopes that the viewer will find them attractive as well.